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Hi everybody!
It’s been like, a year since our last post and we’re  deeply sorry for the lack of updates.
We were just graduated from high school and are getting to uni this academic year, so it had been hectic months with finals and entrance tests, we hope for your understanding.

Anyway, since this our freshmen year in our respective universities is coming closer, we’ll be very busy adaptating with scholar pace, new friends and all trying to live alone for the first time stuff. We have decided that we will put this blog into an indefinite hiatus.
We may not seem to give that much contribution in this blog, with inconsistent updates and all, but we made this blog purely with the intentions of sharing our works and pouring our love for kpop idols in the form of artworks, albeit our daily tasks as high school students. We thought thoroughly about each concepts we’d put into this blog every time. But since it will be harder for us to run this blog actively from now on, hence, the hiatus we got.

We sincerely thank you for your attention to our blog, shown in comment form or likes. You have watched our improvements, even so slightly, we hope we are able to show it.
Also big thanks for our seniors out there who inspires us and encourages us to keep making stuff. Thanks for resource-makers who without you guys, our artwork will be no special. Once again, thank you.

It’s been Iflashbaek and Han Ahra.